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Matt Damon, a Hollywood Prodigy

Matt Damon, full name Matthew Paige Damon, is recognized as one of the "most bankable" Hollywood stars of the current era. Matt Damon broke to international stardom with his starring role in the Jason Bourne trilogy, specifically with the first of these films The Bourne Identity released in 2002. To date Damon has won one Oscar and has received four nominations to boot. Want to find out more about awards and recognitions Mat Damon has earned in his career?

Matt Damon was born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 8, 1970. Together with elder his brother (now a sculptor), he was raised by his mother in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their home was close to that of another Hollywood actor, Ben Affleck. He began acting while still in elementary school. He joined Harvard in 1988 and was soon appearing in student plays. He earned his first film role while still in college. It was only a single line in the romantic comedy Mystic Pizza, but it opened up a vista of opportunities. Soon Damon was skipping classes to take part in film projects. After landing a role in the film Geronimo: An American Legend in 1993, a film which was hyped to be a major commercial success, Damon decided to drop out of Harvard with only twelve credits short of graduation. However, Geronimo proved to be a box office flop. His major breakthrough in Hollywood was to come from his own work. Working with his childhood buddy Ben Affleck in 1997, Damon rewrote Good Will Hunting, a play script he had originally submitted as part of his English course at Harvard, to a film script. The subsequent film earned Damon and Affleck Oscars as well as Golden Globes for best screenplay. Since then, Damon has risen to be one of the most recognizable film stars in the world. One of the interesting trivia about Matt Damon's film career is that he has starred in three films in which rescuing his character was the major plot line. Can you name the three films?

Outside of Hollywood, Matt Damon is an ardent philanthropist and has worked with the likes of George Clooney and Brad Pitt on a host of projects around the world. He is married to Luciana Barroso and the couple has four daughters. Can you name what was Luciana Barroso's career before she married Matt Damon?

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