Silver Surfer The Spacefaring Superhero

Silver_SurferFollowing the success of the Fantastic Four first published in 1961, comic book artist Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics created an ally for the team known as the Silver Surfer. The alter ego of the superhero character is Norrin Radd. Before being endowed with the Power Cosmic, young Radd was an astronomer from an alien planet Zenn-La. When Galactus was about to devour his home planet, the young astronomer made a plea bargain to spare Zenn-La in exchange for his service.

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Fantastic Four: The First Team Of Superheroes By Marvel Comics

Debuted in 1961, Fantastic Four has had a long comic book history and one of the earliest Marvel superheroes created by writer and editor Stan Lee. The Fantastic Four is in fact the first team of superheroes to be popularized by Marvel Comics. The team is composed of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing. Mister Fantastic being the most intelligent and level-headed member of the team is the unanimous leader. All the members got their superpowers after being exposed to cosmic rays when they were chosen to conduct a scientific outer space mission near the sun. After exposure to cosmic rays, scientist Reed Richards became Mister Fantastic who can stretch and morph his body beyond normal.

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