G.I. Joe Comics The History An Villains

GIJoeWhen you are looking for a comic book you will notice you have a wide variety of comics to collect like G.I. Joe. However, you may not realize G.I. Joe has a long and storied past. The first series of the comic would be started in the 1950's and be based off of stories from World War II and the experiences of some of the G.I.s had in the war. However, this series would be short lived and not even make it out of the decade. In the eighties, though, the series would be revived by Marvel as the series many have grown to love. This series would last for over one hundred fifty issues with many sub series before being cancelled. The series would remain dormant for several years after this before being picked back up by several companies each who had a run for a year or two. Currently the series has the original writer back, Larry Hama, and is being printed on a monthly basis by IDW.

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