Man-Thing The Gentle Giant

Man-ThingIt is not human that Man-Thing! No you wrong, it is not a monster either! Well, it is an eerie looking swampy giant with the heart of a human. Yes, this is Man-Thing for you- the super-hero of Marvel comics, battling hard to save the world from an ever contriving gang of terrorists and supernatural beings.

Origin of Man-Thing

It all started, with writers Stan lee, Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway conceiving the concept of this scintillating story. Teodore ‘Ted’ Sallis a scientist is backstabbed by his ladylove, while inventing serum for super soldier. With terrorists on his trial, he injects the serum into himself and crashes his car in a swamp. Even before, the terrorists could celebrate his death, outcomes the swampy giant of a creature to snuff them out.
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